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Spray-On Bedliners, Undercoating, Protective Coating Applications, Detailing and More!

has been in business for 3 years spraying all kinds of bedliners and undercoatings for both personal and commercial rides. We are a family owned and operated business.

At , we put the needs of our customers first. Specializing in spray-on bedliners, undercoating, and detailing, we are your one-stop auto shop. With quality service and upfront pricing, you can trust our team to treat you as if you're part of the family.

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Installation (6)

How much does the Patriot Bed Liner cost?
Patriot Bedliner price starts as low as $549 per bed.
Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes, please.
How long does it take to get a Patriot Liner installed in my truck?
Details are important us, and we are definitely not one to rush the process. Most trucks start to finish, take about 4 hours to complete. The more custom the job, the more time is required. Our unique application process means the bed liner material dries and hardens in 3-5 seconds after leaving the gun. That means your truck is dry when it leaves the store and can see "light duty" service almost immediately, however in the interest of "protecting what you love", we recommend you refrain from "heavy use" for the first 24 hours.
What happens if I damage the liner? Is it repairable?
Yes, in most cases you may have a hard time telling where the damage was.
Can I get a colored liner to match my truck?
Absolutely! Check with your local dealer(s) and verify they offer the UV+ SERIES line of products.
What other products can you spray with Patriot Liner?
The list is endless. Almost anything you might want a thick, tough, durable coating on can be considered. From lifted trucks, to trailers, midsize commercial vehicles, ATV's or RV's---we've got you covered. Patriot Liner adheres to concrete, foam, wood, fiberglass, steel and other products found in every day life.

Warranty (1)

What does the warranty cover?
All of our Patriot liners carry a Lifetime Warranty against warping, cracking, chipping, peeling or coming off your bed in any way---we aren't satisfied until you are.

Services & Accessories We Offer

Ceramic Coating
Protective Coating Applications
Underbody Protection
Interior/Exterior Detailing (vehicles, boats, RVs, etc.)


Patriot Liner is the result of decades of experience in the high-performance coatings industry.
Our proprietary formulation is purpose-built using the highest quality ingredients to perform in even the most brutal conditions.
The coating is heated to 155°F, pressurized to over 2000psi, spray-applied, and dry in under 10 seconds.
No downtime for you or your ride!
Patriot Liner is exclusively licensed to the industry's top shops that utilize the latest equipment & technology available.
This ensures the job is completed the right way, every time.
Proudly American

Proudly American

Founded by veterans and proudly providing an American made product.


We're Experts

Over 30 years experience between the founders and over 150 years inside our trusted board members.


Support Local

Our applicator network is consisted of self made small business owners across the nation who share our same passion.

Ian Johnson - Big Tire Garage

Ian Johnson

Big Tire Garage

I've spent over a decade building and field testing the most extreme off road vehicles and products available. Were not easy on our builds and were glad to be teamed up with Patriot Liner to provide our truck and Jeep builds the protection we demand. Its good to see a company with a passion for their product as deep as mine for the off road community.

Nic Ashby - Rockstar Garage

Nic Ashby

Rockstar Garage
Before Patriot Liner
During Patriot Liner
After Patriot Liner



Patriot Liner provides world class protection for your ride with a strong, seamless, and uniform textured coating. All of our applicators are highly trained and experienced to ensure consistency of application nationwide. Top that off with a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty on your truck bed (Peace of mind knowing we've got your six.)

Lifetime Warranty

Enjoy your truck to the fullest knowing that your Patriot Liner branded bed liner is covered under our Lifetime Warranty as long as you own your truck.  READ WARRANTY

Prevents Rust Leaks and Corrosion

Patriot Liners seamless application ensures a water tight seal to protect your truck from the harsh elements.

Scratch and Dent Resistant

Our formulation is up to the task. Protecting your truck bed from the wear and tear of daily use. All while complimenting the look of your truck.

Dries to the Touch in Under 10 Seconds

Busy schedule? Patriot Liner is ready for immediate use with normal application times between 2-3 hrs, you'll be back on the road in no time!

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Patriot Liner is a spray-on bed liner that offers superior quality, strength and durability. As a visual representation of these characteristics, the logomark also echos a military aesthetic geared towards those that demand and pursue that which they want for themselves, others and their property. Eminent, dedicated protection.

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